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Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy sets out the rules, objectives and storage conditions for the processing of personal data of BG Era LLC clients. Aims to protect the privacy of each user and ensure the privacy of their personal information. This Privacy Policy document explains what information we may or may not provide to you. Please note that the Privacy Policy may be updated periodically, so we encourage you to review it frequently.


This Privacy Policy reflects the way in which and for what purposes we use information about your personal data.


1. Gather information


Your personal information / personal data that we may collect, process and, if necessary, request from, including third parties, is:


name surname;

personal number;

Email address;

Cell phone number;


Any other information you provide to us during registration, email, online consultation, telephone or other means.

The information we collect while visiting the Website may be as follows:


Place of visit to the website

Website access time

IP address

Information received in any completed form or survey; Other communication information

2. Use the information collected


The collected information will be used within the framework of the legislation of Georgia, To provide services, between them:


For your identification

To contact you

To comply with the terms of service

To improve our marketing and advertising activities

Any information that may be shared with a third party will not be identifiable to you. The information will only be statistical data. Information that may be provided to a third party cannot determine who you are. This will be statistical data only.


3. Use of "links"


"Links" are used to collect information from your web server. "Links" contain information stored on your computer hard drive. Links do not contain personal information, they only contain statistical information about entering our website. This information helps us to improve the website and create personalized services. If you do not want to disclose your "cookie" information, you can delete it through your "browser". Please note that if you delete or delete our "links" you may not be able to fully view the Website and enjoy all of its features.


4. Save information


Information will be stored on our protected servers, any information exchanged on our server will be encrypted for your own security. Please note that the online exchange of information is not fully protected, small but there is a chance that the protected information will be at some risk. You are responsible for any information you provide, please refrain from giving out passwords and other information.


5. Disclosure of information


Personal information may be disclosed to individuals within our inner group. Information may be provided to third parties:




In case of sale of business or sale of business share

As required by law

A processor or other third party who provides payment processing, which is also necessary to provide services to you.

We may disclose your information to protect you or others. We reserve the right to disclose your personal information in cases where required by law and / or where we deem it necessary to protect our rights and / or to secure any legal action, court decision / ruling or other legal process against the Website. We also reserve the right to disclose your information for the following purposes: Adherence to and implementation of this policy; Adherence to and implementation of the terms of use of our website or any other agreement; Protecting the rights, property or security of the Website, its users or others.


6. Third party links


Third party links may be to our website. Any third party has its own privacy agreement, which you agree to when you visit the Website. We are not responsible for third party websites. We are responsible only on our website. Any third party link that we post on the Website will not be under our control and we will not take any responsibility for it.


7. Age


You must be between 18 and 90 years old to use our service.


8. Contact facilities


We can contact you through any of the information you provide to us and / or the information we provide. We may also send a letter to any of the service and / or residential addresses of the service and / or residence provided to us by you and / or us, until you decline.


9. Changes to the Privacy Agreement


In the future, any changes to the Privacy Policy will be posted on this page. We will notify you of any material or material changes to the Agreement via the Website, Email or other communication channels.

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