Princess Tsiva

In the Kingdom of Kaia, a powerful myth was cultivated, surrounding the legendary warriors, who only were descendants of the Kings. One such myth, fostered over the centuries by Kaians, was a story about the last king of Kaia, Ushba’s only daughter and heir to the throne, Princess Tsiva. Legend has it, that only king and his descendants possessed special ability that could turn any living creature into ice crystals. Centuries ago, when there was a constant struggle for power between the kingdoms, King Ushba, along with his daughter and army, set off to fight against the myriad army of Krubers, who intended to take over the kingdom of Kaia and slaughter 

an entire population. The war, recognized as the deadliest, extremely barbaric and atrocious battle in the history, raged right at the doorsteps of Kingdom of Kaia. King Ushba and Princess Tsiva slayed countless Krubers, corpses piled up on the battlefield, but the enemy’s army showed no end. After the lingering battle, Krubers managed to assassinate King Ushba and his battalion, however Princess Tsiva and her army of elite female warriors survived and were left in complete despair and agony. Princess Tsiva was able to gather last of her strength, her teary(lost) expression froze for a moment, she put both of her hands in the ice and turned an entire battlefield into a huge iceberg, rescuing Kingdom of Kaia from extinction. In gratitude for her self-sacrifice, people erected a huge statue of the princess in the center of their Kingdom.  Since then, Kaia had no king and has been governed by the Council of Elders. After King Gorgasali’s disappearance, Kingdom remained vulnerable to the new military challenges – their existence grew into a constant struggle for survival. During one of Kruber attacks, Kaia’s army was almost completely wiped out, those who remained alive scattered across the kingdom and were roaming in distant, unattainable mountains. Enemy mercilessly devoured everything and everyone

on its way and the longing for survival was slowly fading away. The head of Royal Command, Kazbegi, was fatally wounded during one of the battles, but his entourage managed to pull him out of the field. They took him to the highest glacier in the Kingdom, the safest place where enemy would’ve never reached him and returned to the combat zone. The blood of the wounded, dispirited commander drenched through the ice beneath him and suddenly he noticed an unusual, shimmering light buried deep in the ice, vivifying the waning hope for survival. He pulled

himself together in faith of a miracle and stuck his sword into the ice to release the mysterious power. When the ice cracked, the light kept becoming brighter until the ice surrounding the commander shattered into million pieces. Beyond this enchanting shining, a beautifully dressed warrior emerged from the ice, who didn’t even notice an injured commander. With obscure expression on her face, she took her first steps into the new world. The commander noticed an uncanny resemblance between the mysterious warrior and the statue worshipped by the Kaians and he figured that he unwittingly witnessed a revival of the princess herself. As soon as she got out of the cave, she noticed a massive army of Krubers, crushing everything on their way.  She thought that the war, which almost took her life centuries ago, was still ongoing and ran in haste towards the battlefield. Kaian warriors quickly noticed a distinguished soldier, who turned everyone into ice crystals and rescued an entire population from a bitter end. The battle didn’t last for too long, defeat of the Kruber army was inevitable. Victorious Tsiva headed straight back to her kingdom to celebrate the long awaited triumph. As she entered the gates of Kaia, a massive crowd, including the members of the Council of Elders greeted her on bended knee and through the celebration she noticed a magnificent statue of herself. People from all walks of life gathered to thank the gods for this miracle and prayed for Princess Tsiva to peacefully return back to her throne.

Since the Battle Royale was announced in 10 kingdoms, the Kingdom of Kaia unanimously declared the rightful Princess Tsiva to represent their kingdom.

© 2019 by BGERA

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