Introduction of the story

  There was a time when Gorgasali, a king of the kings unified ten kingdoms under the single rule of power. He was the first leader who managed to bring peace and harmony to the people of all realms, who lived in constant agony of warfare and chaos. Gorgasali was the most powerful man who ever walked on the face of Elbrus, whose capabilities dominated amongst the greatest warriors of existing world. Under the presence of his almighty spirit, nobody would even dare to question his authority. Peculiarly, out of nowhere, King Gorgasali started releasing his inferiors from his castle. Over the course of a couple of months he released all of them from their duty, ordering them to never return. For a long time King Gorgasali was nowhere to be seen, therefore people started to believe that he abandoned his throne. As the time went by, tensions between the kingdoms increased and with the absence of a single ruler, dynasties regained their old influences and the world begun to change. Kingdoms fell into a complete chaos, they started to fight for individual gains through immoral acts of violence. As the responsibility to harm one another was absent, crime has become a natural state of being. Anarchy spread through the veins of ten kingdoms and the world as it was known before ended. No place was safe in Elbrus and civilization was on the verge of extinction. Few of the distinguished members of all kingdoms created a council of elders to find a solution and bring back the long forgotten peaceful times. The decision was made to find a sole ruler with undeniable virtue to replace the king of the kings and restore the balance. The battle royal was announced and ten kingdoms sent their best warriors, who would fight on the neutral battlefield to become the lone survivor and earn the crown of the King Gorgasali.

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